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June 19, 2018


Jeremy Samuel

MetaliCoin welcomes iAngels

MwtaliCoin hosts angel VC event in Melbourne

MetaliCoin and our partners Blockchain Frontier hosted a great event in Melbourne last night where we welcomed leading Israeli venture capital firm iAngels to Australia.

Agada Nameri, GM of iCapital, gave an overview of the Israeli tech scene and blockchain/crypto for investors and Shai Bronstein Regev, VP of Investor Relations, gave an overview of iAngels unique crowd-funding investor platform. Overall, very informative and impressive. iAngels are taking venture capital to a new level of accountability and transparency and investing in some really amazing businesses.

There was a particular focus on the iAngels blockchain fund, which has leveraged the firm’s experience in Fintech to produce some fantastic results. It’s very positive to see crypto investing being done with a proper vc focus on the business fundamentals as well as the token economics.

Discovering iAngels

Australian accredited investors, and investors around the world, would do themselves a favour to look into iAngels