Wallet KYC Requirements

What is KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a legal requirement in most jurisdictions.Legitimate companies fulfil it as standard practice to ensure that money they receive from investors or participants comes from identifiable sources. 

KYC is also required to transfer any MTC you may hold into the new METL coins and to download the new MetaliCoin wallet. You will be directed to the METL wallet links after successful completion of our KYC process with the Yoti application.

The Process

For instructions on how to complete our KYC please click the button below:

KYC Instructions

If you have already completed using your KYC using Yoti, please click on the button below and scan the QR code using the Yoti application to bedirected to the METL wallet links.

Yoti KYC Completed

We kindly request that you notify us at info@metalicoin.com with your full name and wallet address when you have completed your KYC.

If you are a holder of the old MTC it will ensure we know where to send you the new METL coin. Please email us at info@metalicoin.com if you have any issues during the process of alternatively join us in our Telegram KYC Support Group.

Thank you,

Jeremy Samuel and the MetaliCoin team

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