The MetaliCoin™ promise:

to make metals investment and trading accessible to anyone, anywhere.

With MetaliCoin™, you can easily put some of your savings into gold or other metals and trade that metal as easily as you currently trade shares or currency.

MetaliCoin™ offers a range of retail offerings for investors, traders and participants in metal markets. 

These offerings include

  • metal savings plans, 
  • easy metal buying and selling, 
  • transferring metals to friends or family, 
  • trading education and simulation and 
  • a range of other products designed to enhance financial inclusion and market access.

Powered by the Digital Metal Exchange

MetaliCoin™ is powered by the Digital Metal Exchange (DMX), an institutional grade commodities trading platform, backed by bank level security on the blockchain and government standard identity management for KYC/AML and Asset Custody.

DMX is building a fully regulated, highly secure metals marketplace based at the ADGM Financial Centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE. DMX Holdings is currently under formation and, prior to the commencement of trading, set for Q1 of 2020, DMX will complete its regulatory filing as a fully regulated metals exchange under the regulatory structure of the ADGM.

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