Building world's first Crypto Metal Ecosystem

  • Redefining investments and trading of metals
  • Global investment in any metal, in any form
  • Discovery and participation in metal mining projects
  • Decentralized P2P trading with low fees and no spread

MetaliCoin in 60 seconds

What is the MetaliCoin Exchange?

MetaliCoin's Crypto Metal Exchange (CMX) makes investing in metals accessible to the general public.

Its blockchain-based P2P trading platform removes expensive middlemen, eliminates wide spreads, and allows making investments at significantly discounted prices and favourable terms.

It is a fully regulated and licensed trading environment in which to buy and sell metal contracts, invest in metals directly and trade derivative instruments.

Beyond an Exchange

MetaliCoin provides ready access to investment opportunities in mining, metal exploration, production projects and manufactured metal products for the general public.

For the first time, anyone can join metal exploration and production projects opportunities at significant discounts, early in the process.

  • Invest in metal exploration projects early on
  • Partake in gold, silver and other metals mining opportunities
  • Trade metals across the value chain
  • Benefit from enterprise rights including equity gains and dividends
  • Gain immediate liquidity and full transparency

The METL Coin

A unique cryptocurrency specifically designed by MetaliCoin for P2P metal trading over blockchain.

  • METL is a registered security token cryptocurrency backed by real metal and / or mining projects
  • Each metal trade is recorded immutably on the blockchain ensuring transaction transparency and integrity
  • The publicly distributed blockchain forms a global metal asset registry
  • The METL Coin seamlessly tracks the value of the metal related assets it represents.
  • Project rights, equity gains, dividends and interest coupons are automatically distributed to the stakeholder's wallet
  • METL coins can be liquidated into fiat or crypto currency at any time. Participants enjoy immediate liquidity.

Liquidity Assurance with Regulated Capital Trade Reserve Fund

Seamless fiat / crypto conversion when trading on the CMXm. Use USD, EURO, BTC or ETH, etc to trade metal and liquidate back into fiat or crypto at any time.

MetaliCoin is building a liquidity trade reserve fund to assure seamless monetization of the METL coin under international regulatory oversight.

MetaliCoin is applying for trading licenses in the US including:

  • Broker Dealer license and derivatives via CFTC;
  • License METL as a security token via the SEC; and
  • License CMX as an ATS via FINRA

MetaliCoin will also register with a range of regulatory agencies globally.

A State of the Art Trading Platform and Architecture

Trades and contracts are securely and immutably registered on the blockchain.

Fully regulated and transparent environment designed for public investments with maximum security and privacy in mind.

A global ecosystem of metal trading and crowdfunding of mining projects offers smooth, professional-grade trading and investing to everyone.

Our Team

Our core team combines expertise in mining and trading, a thorough understanding of technology, and world-class experience in design and communications.

It is comprised of multi-skilled, highly experienced and flexible thinkers as a foundation on which to continue building a dynamic, responsive company which will morph as the platform evolves and matures.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is composed of global leaders in financial system architecture, blockchain ecosystems and cryptocurrency design, banking and mining finance.

As with the operating team, our advisors are an international group of experts who wear many hats and are able to rapidly evaluate both conceptual issues and operational details, with confidence that comes from many decades of experience at the highest levels of technology, finance and mining.

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