Trade any metal as efficiently and easily as you currently trade forex, options or cryptocurrency.

Tokenize any metal in a liquid market.
Accessible for individual traders wealth managers and institutions.
Welcome to low fees, speed and transparency.

Affordable entry point into global metals trading.

Secure, Easy & Low cost

MetaliCoin Digital Metals Exchange (DMX) offers secure, easy, low cost access to investors and traders around the world. DMX gives you easy, fast and low-cost metals trading, with small minimum volumes and access to every tradable metal in the world from anywhere, 24/7.

Fully Regulated

DMX users trade digital commodities on a fully regulated platform which supports multiple clearing banks, leading trading, asset custodianship and finance institutions. The platform provides access to global markets and larger traders can gain access to liquidity pools.

Seamless - Fiat or Digital

DMX is a best-of-breed blockchain-based digital metals exchange which allows traders to buy and sell metals using major fiat or digital currencies. It offers peer-to-peer trading with near-instant execution and low fees, via secure smartphone or web app.


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The global metals trade exceeds $2.7 trillion per annum, derivatives over 60x the physical market.

Digital assets transforming the Mining industry

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